Meet the Bees

Arrival and a Bee Introduction

Arrive in our woodlands at the Good Life Wales and walk down to our Bee Apiary area.

Discover all the sections of a beehive and how they all go together. See what bee equipment is used for rearing bees and making honey.


Suited and ready to Meet the Bees

Now you get dressed to meet the bees in a protective bee suit (bring some boots to tuck this into). We also provide protective gloves.

Learn how to light a smoker


Visit the Beehives

Now we visit the hives and look into the incredible world of the bees.

Our beekeeper will open up a hive and show you how the bees live and work on the honey frames.

If possible we will find the Queen bee


Unsuit and questions

Remove bee suits and any questions answered.

Learn how to make your garden bee friendly

15 min.

Visit our Bee friendly woodlands

Feel free to wander through our woodlands and see all the habitats we have created for all bee species


Roger Swain


Roger has been managing bees of his own and clients from his gardening business for over four years.

All courses and Meet the Bee sessions are carried out at our Apiary in the Woodlands at The Good Life Wales

Brecon Beecombs is the our business incorporating all our Bee services including: Bee courses; Honey sales; Wax products; Hive and ~Hive parts sales

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Meet the Bees

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